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Transportation/Traffic Procedures

Drop-Off/Pick-Up, Driveway Safety: 

Please observe the following procedures when dropping off and picking up your child:

  • Please observe the 25 mph speed limit near the school, and watch for children walking or biking to school.
  • Between 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM each day, there are two lanes in the parking lot. The right lane is for cars dropping off or picking up. The left lane is for cars driving through.
  • Watch out for pedestrians in the school crosswalk. Please stop just before the crosswalk, and when it is clear pull all the way through to the front of the area marked by orange cones. Do not stop, park, or wait in the crosswalk.
  • Drive slowly when entering the campus and keep in a single file line as you proceed to the yellow curb drop-off/pick-up zones
  • Please pull all the way forward if you are first in line. Do not stop part way as this blocks other cars from accessing the driveway and creates additional congestion on the street.
  • Only load and unload children in the drop-off/pick-up area next to the curb. Have them exit through the right-hand doors next to the sidewalk.
  • NEVER let children in/out of your car while on the street or in the second lane of the driveway.
  • Encourage your child to exit or enter quickly. One slow car can impact the entire flow and safety of the driveway.
  • If your child needs extra assistance, please park in a regular space and accompany and/or help them.
  • If you or your child needs to walk across the parking lot, please do so only at the marked pedestrian crosswalk.
  • Leave the Bus Zone clear for buses; do not park or drop off in the signed area directly in front of the school (red zone)
  • Do not park in the staff-designated parking spaces
  • Please wait for the car in front of you and then exit the lot in the same order as you entered. Do not ever leave your car unattended in the drop-off/pick-up lane!

Please share this information with all drivers who may pick up your child. If you do not pick up or drop off your children, then please inform your driver of our traffic safety rules.


The bus, whether a Samtrans bus, the yellow school bus, or a field trip bus, is an extension of our school environment. This means every passenger will treat fellow passengers and the driver with respect. While on the bus to or from school, students will refrain from any behavior that might distract the driver from safely delivering students to their destinations. The bus driver reserves the right to remove a student from the bus; any reports that come to the attention of the school administration may result in suspension of riding privileges and/or additional consequences.

If your child will be taking a bus to school, please review the following information with her/him:

  • Student must arrive 5 minutes before their bus pick up time.
  • Wait safely in the designated area at the bus stop.
  • Be calm and orderly while getting on and off the bus.
  • Stay in your seat, facing forward.
  • Keep head, hands, and feet inside the bus.
  • Follow the bus driver’s directions.