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Appropriate Technology Use

Did you know that each year you sign a “Technology Acceptable Use Agreement”? When you do so, you agree to follow certain guidelines. The main idea is that technology must be used for educational purposes. Here are a few main points you should understand:

  • Activities such as playing games, chatting, or surfing the Internet for recreational purposes are 

not educational.

  • Students must use their personal accounts when accessing servers, the Internet, etc. Furthermore,

students must keep their personal information private.

  • Students may not look at or send material that is threatening, obscene, disruptive, or may be 

considered verbal bullying.

  • Vandalism, which includes transmitting viruses and attempting to access unauthorized accounts or 

others’ documents, will at the very least result in loss of computer or device privileges.

  • Students may not download or transfer to district computers or devices programs, graphics, or 

other files without prior permission.