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Campus Expectations


Deliveries to students will be dropped off in the main office; students may pick them up during non-class time. Items should be labeled with the student’s first/last names and the date. If a student is expecting a lunch from home, he or she may pick it up in the office at lunchtime. Staff are not available to make deliveries to classes, and we do not wish to disrupt class for phone reminders; for this reason, we expect students to check the office for deliveries during break, lunch, or between classes. Students are not allowed to order delivery from any food service. 


We encourage students to run and play various games on the blacktop and field, but roughhousing is not allowed. In addition, tackle football and other contact sports that may result in injury are prohibited. Students must be aware of their surroundings, and not play games or throw footballs, for example, in the vicinity of crowds of students who may not be paying attention to the activity. Basketball games are limited to eight students per half court. No balls or other items may be brought from home to school.


Expected hallway behavior includes walking and speaking at an appropriate level at all times. When leaving the classroom to use the restroom or go elsewhere on campus during class, students must ask permission before leaving and take a hall pass. Adults will expect any student in the hall to have a pass. Students must return the pass to the teacher upon re-entering the classroom. Students are not allowed to go to the office without a signed pass from an adult unless it is an emergency.