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Arrival and Departure Procedures


The school gates will be opened at 7:45, so please do not drop off your children any earlier than this time. Students will be allowed to wait behind the gated area at 7:45, but they will not be able to go to the playground area until 8:00. Please do not drop children off before 7:45 as there is no supervision at this time. 


Kindergarten Dismissal Procedures: 

Kindergarten students must wait with their teacher until a parent, childcare provider, or other designated adult picks them up from the designated pick up area. If the parent is unavoidably detained, the child will be escorted to the office to wait safely.

Dismissal Procedures: 

All students must be picked no later than 30 minutes after school. There is no after-school supervision on the playground or in front of the classroom. Students must wait to be picked up in front of the school, where a staff member will supervise them until 3:00. Any child who is not picked up on time will be taken to the office to call a parent or guardian. Please call the office as soon as you realize you will be unavoidably detained. For safety reasons any child who is picked up late MUST be signed out in the office by the responsible adult who picks them up. If this happens more than three times, the staff may call the police to make sure your child is picked up.