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Arrival and Dismissal


  • Supervision begins at 8:00 AM. Children are not to arrive at school BEFORE 8:00 AM.

  • Parents may park in the neighborhood and walk their child to their classroom to wait for their teacher. We highly encourage walking and biking if you are able to.

  • Beginning at 8:00 AM students may walk to their classroom and line up in the area designated by their teacher.

  • Students do not play on the structures, blacktop, fields, or hallways before school.

  • When the warning bell rings at 8:12 a.m., students should make their way to the classroom to line up.

  • By 8:15 AM when the bell rings, teachers greet students and lead them into the classroom.

  • If a child arrives after 8:15 AM, the student must first go to the office to get a tardy slip before going to class.

  • Campus gates will be locked at 8:20 a.m. Students arriving after this time, must check in at the office. 


  • Students need to leave campus promptly after each dismissal. 

    • Regular Dismissal: TK: 1:30 PM, Kinder: 2:15 PM; 1st - 3rd: 2:35 PM; 4th-5th: 2:45 PM; 6th - 8th: 2:50 PM 

    • Minimum Day Dismissal:  TK: 12:45 PM; Kinder: 1:30 PM; 1st - 3rd: 1:35 PM, 4th - 5th: 1:40 PM;       6th - 8th: 1:50 PM

    • Super Minimum Day Dismissal:  All students are dismissed at 11:30.

  • TK & Kindergarten students must wait with their teacher until a parent/child care provider, or other designated adult picks them up.  

  • Children who are being picked up must wait in the drop off/pick up areas.

  • Children who walk are to go directly home. 

  • TK-5 students are not to play on the black top after dismissal, due to classes still being in session.

  • Parents/Families may not enter campus until the last dismissal of the day.

  • TK-5 students are not to be left unsupervised on campus, waiting for older siblings. 

  • Parents of student(s) who are repeatedly not picked up promptly, will be contacted by the school administration. 

  • If an emergency prevents you from picking up your child on time, make alternate arrangements and notify the school. Students who are picked up late need to be signed out in the office.


Safety around the school and the neighborhood is everyone’s responsibility. Parking rules apply to everyone. Speed limits in school zones are 25 mph or less, if the conditions warrant slower speeds. Use great caution, drive slowly, follow these guidelines and instruct your child to follow them as well. The San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office helps to enforce compliance with the law in and around Clifford School.

The parking lots are reserved for staff, busses, and handicap drivers displaying a valid permit ONLY.  Please park along the neighborhood streets and away from the red zone. 


  • Follow the guidance of the personnel on duty.

  • Obey all posted and painted signs.

  • Watch for children walking, biking, or in crosswalks.

  • Please follow these lane guidelines between 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. on school days

    • Right Lane:  Cars dropping off or picking up students.

    • Left Lane:  Cars driving through (no pick up or drop off allowed).

  • Drive slowly in a single file line when entering the parking lot, proceed to white curb drop off/pick up zones.

  • Please pull all the way forward to allow for cars to enter the parking lot and to prevent traffic jams.

  • Allow your child to exit curbside.

  • Remain in your vehicle if you are just dropping off. Do not leave your car unattended.

  • Slowly and carefully pull away after your child has exited.

  • Exit by following the curve of the parking lot.

  • No parking in the loading and unloading zones.

  • Students should use the pedestrian crosswalk when needed to cross the parking lot.

  • Do not park or drop off in the designated bus loading zone. 

  • Please share this information with all drivers who may pick up your child.


The bus, whether a Samtrans bus, the yellow school bus, or a field trip bus, is an extension of our school environment. This means every passenger will treat fellow passengers and the driver with respect. While on the bus to or from school, students will refrain from any behavior that might distract the driver from safely delivering students to their destinations. The bus driver reserves the right to remove a student from the bus; any reports that come to the attention of the school administration may result in suspension of riding privileges and/or additional consequences.

If your child will be taking a bus to school, please review the following information with her/him:

  • Students must arrive 5 minutes before their bus pick up time.

  • Wait safely in the designated area at the bus stop.

  • Be calm and orderly while getting on and off the bus.

  • Stay in your seat, facing forward.

  • Keep head, hands, and feet inside the bus.

  • Follow the bus driver’s directions. 

After School Plans: 

Please make plans ahead of time. Children are not allowed to make phone calls from school in order to arrange to go home with a friend after school, and we do not have enough staff to take messages for students regarding such plans. When primary grade children (K–2) have made advance plans that differ from usual practice, please send a note to the teacher indicating with whom they will be going after school.