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Kinder - Wilkerson, Janet

Janet Wilkerson

About Me:

My name is Janet Wilkerson. I have taught in the Redwood School District since 1987, and have been at Clifford School for every single one of those years! I would not be any place else! After teaching my first 3 years at First Grade, I moved to Room 1 and have been teaching Kindergarten ever since! I am married to my husband Shawn, a recently retired Fire Captain with the Redwood City/San Carlos Fire Department. We have four amazing children, Luke, Jake and twins, Hank and Abbey. All four of my children, who now young adults, attended Clifford School, Kindergarten through 8th Grade. They loved their time here, and I would not have placed them anywhere else!
In my free time I love spending time with my family. I also love to travel. I love a good road trip, and have spent many miles exploring the Western United States (and Disneyland! J) Last summer we took the road trip of a lifetime with my four children and two daughters-in-law. All 8 of us in two cars travelling across Europe! Family is deeply important to me... through my family I find the depths of my strengths, as well as my shortcomings, which are both challenging and motivating at the same time. We never stop learning from our children. I believe there is no more important job on earth than raising a child. It is a blessing beyond words, and a responsibility beyond measure.
I love to hike, spend time at the beach, throw a big party and work around my house. I can spend hours lost in a good home store, and love to cook for others. I also love teaching Kindergarten!
A Kindergartener's enthusiasm for learning is contagious! They are wide-eyed and full of wonder! They are accepting and honest and joy-filled. They are appreciative of the little things, and see the world for the amazing place it is. They have the ability to be inquisitive and accept differences. I have the privilege of teaching them at the best school in the district, with the most talented, caring and gifted staff, and the finest, most generous family community as well. Being a part of this Clifford family is truly an honor.


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Extension number: 3218